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California Inflation Relief

Governor Newsom and state lawmakers have agreed to a framework for a new budget that offers $17 billion in what's called Inflation Relief for most California families. Individuals and couple with certain incomes will receive direct payments in October of $350, or more for dependents. The new budget plan also includes extra money for clean energy projects, preparing for wildfires, and for reproductive healthcare services. (photo courtesy The Economic Times)

Health Department Staff Reduction

This week, one third of the number of staff at the County Department of Health Services will lose their jobs, when millions of dollars in government funding is set to run out. The staff numbers had risen to nearly 60 during the busy days of the pandemic. Most of the temporary staff were unaware of the County plans for ending their jobs. (photo courtesy PBS)

Gas Prices Slightly Down

The average U.S. price of regular-grade gasoline fell by 4 cents in the past two weeks. Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg says oil prices fell sharply amid deepening global inflation fears, and she also expects further drops. However, the average price at the pump is still $1.90 higher than it was one year ago. (photo courtesy The Family Handyman)

Art Ibleto Post Office

President Biden signed Congressman Mike Thompson's bill into law, to rename the Post Office in Cotati after Art Ibleto, the Pasta King. Thompson said "this will honor Art’s tremendous life and cement his legacy and contributions to our community". The renaming ceremony date has yet to be determined. (photo courtesty Press Democrat)

Roe V Wade Overturned

This morning, the Supreme Court announced the overturning of Roe V Wade, with justices voting for and against the federal right to an abortion. Chief Justice Alito said "abortion rests with political branches, not the court". Justices voting for the overturning include Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Cavanaugh, and Barrett. Voting againt overturning Roe v Wade were Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan. Loud protests are taking place outside the Supreme Court building in Washington. California has pledged to be a sanctuary state allowing abortions to continue. (photo courtesy The Guardian)

New Santa Rosa Police Chief

The next Santa Rosa Police Chief will be John Cregan, who has led the department on an interim basis, and has been in law enforcment for 23 years. Cregan will officially be Chief as of July 3rd, replacing Ray Navarro who recently. (photo courtesy Press Democrat)

Sheriff Office Oversight

The Sonoma County Sheriffs Office will have more civilian oversight, after an agreement with Sonoma County and two law enforcement unions. The county said it would ensure the watchdog office's ability to pursue "independent investigations of serious instances of alleged misconduct, with greater access to and cooperation with Sheriff’s Office internal investigations". (photo courtesy Facebook)

State Gun Laws

Governors, lawmakers and attorneys general in states with strict gun-permitting laws, including California, are strategizing over how to shore up their restrictions after yesterday's U.S. Supreme Court decision expanded gun rights in a New York case. The justices said that a New York state law in place since 1913 that restricted who could obtain a permit to carry a gun in public conflicts with the Second Amendment's right to bear arms. (photo courtesy Business Insider)

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